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Fighting Fraud to Protect Policyholders

Thomas D. Gober has been fighting fraud for 30 years.  Mr. Gober is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) who has worked fraud cases of all types…from Healthcare Fraud to Federal Grant Fraud to Bank Embezzlement.  But his primary focus for 30 years has been fighting to protect insurance policyholders.  His policyholder protection expertise runs the gamut of insurance operations.  If an insurance company abuses its policyholders via claims delays or denials, false advertising, misrepresentation of policy benefits (failure to act in good faith) or if the insurance company falsifies its balance sheet to disguise its hazardous financial condition, Mr. Gober serves some of the most respected attorneys in the U.S. to help policyholders find justice.

Mr. Gober has been published in Fraud Journals and quoted in many major media including the New York Times, Bloomberg Markets Magazine and the National Underwriter Life & Health Magazine.  He has made numerous criminal referrals of insurance accounting fraud cases to the U S Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI.  Mr. Gober has provided both consulting and testifying expertise in large insurance company complex white-collar accounting fraud schemes for the DOJ in which insurance company executives received lengthy prison sentences, but more importantly, record forfeitures were obtained to help fill the balance sheet holes created by the schemes.  Mr. Gober speaks to attorneys, fraud examiners and others nationwide.  Whether through criminal accounting fraud investigations, assisting in bad faith litigation, or educating the consumer, Mr. Gober is committed to fighting for policyholders.